Cheating is the Way To Pass

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Online learning has presented itself with many challenges, but students have finally found the solution: cheating. 

It is something that all kids are helping each other out with nowadays and some have found they have a natural talent for it.

Cheating is the new strategy kids across the nation are using to pass their classes and it is proven to be 100% effective. It is a strategy that can be self taught and mastered if you are really feeling desperate and need to be put out of your misery.

“I was struggling while taking a test and something just dawned upon me. I just went onto another tab and looked up the answers. I passed not only the test, but the class, too,” sophomore Chee Tar said. “This great strategy called cheating should definitely be more talked about, shared with others, and not be kept on the down low like it is something bad. Why do the work if you don’t have to?”

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Cheating has become such an effective strategy that  many parents have applied this newfound strategy by using it at work.

“My son told me he found out a new and efficient way to get his work done for school, so I thought I might give it a try at work. I really wanted this promotion and I needed to eliminate my competition,”  mom of two, Vicki Timizer said. “So I walked into my boss’ office while he wasn’t looking and filled up the anonymous voters box with ballots all checked with my name on them. It was as easy as that and I am proud to say I got the promotion fair and square!”

Cheating is not only a fail proof strategy, but has many other perks, as well.  Cheating enthusiasts are able to finish tests faster so you have more time for other things, like catching up on Netflix or sleeping. No more stressing about late night cram sessions because the answers are just one Google search away. And say buh-bye your best buddy caffeine because with cheating she will be nothing but irrelevant.

Cheating Meme| Photo Courtesy: Mitti Kerang

Sophomore, Dee Ceever has had one of her easiest trimesters in school by far and great grades to go with it all thanks to cheating. And her way was creative and very clever.

“While my nerdy older brother was doing my final exams, I was able to finally make time for myself. I am all caught up on season 3 of Stranger Things and am not sleep deprived like I was freshman year,” Ceever said. “Some may call it dishonesty, but I call it teamwork. Shout out to my big bro.”

So the next time you feel stressed, tired, or are doubting your intelligence, you know what you need to do: cheat. Work smarter and not harder.

Written by Kamara White

Senior, Kamara White, is the sports section editor for the MC SUN staff. She enjoys food, listening to music, watching Netflix, and sleeping. She plays club volleyball at WAVE and is on Varsity for MC.

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