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Woes of a Former SoundCloud Rapper

Has stupidity ever overcome you to the point where all your actions can be deemed idiotic?

Well, no one knows this feeling much more than recently changed SoundCloud rapper turned country singer, Bee Scatt. He has entered the limelight at the Dumb-Me conference to share his experience with quitting the SoundCloud rapper aesthetic.

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“Well y’all, was really into the rapping lifestyle- full fake dreads, a grill, bad lyrics and style, I had it all going for me. That was the life, but everything changed for me when I decided to get a face tattoo.” Scatt said, “Since my name is Bee, I got a tattoo of a bee on my cheek, that was the size of my hand.”

According to Scatt, he was made fun of more than usual and it was heartbreaking. Scatt saw his tattoo as revolutionary and wanted to start a new trend.

“This tattoo meant the world to me at the time, I thought I was the Bee’s knees with this tattoo. But after I engulfed myself in everyone’s mean comments, I realized that being a SoundCloud rapper wasn’t for me. In fact, I don’t think it’s meant for anyone.” Scatt

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Scatt’s conference went on for three hours as he addressed the problems that SoundCloud rappers pose to the American society.

“All I did was the weeds and drugs and alcohols, man, it was really unhealthy,” Scatt said, “I didn’t do any work, I only rapped. They weren’t even that good, I just made sure to write down my take out order and mumble it until it sounded like gibberish. I know now that I did not have an impact on the world and I did not better society with my songs ‘bout orange chicken and mashed potatoes.”

Scatt’s audience seemed to be pretty receptive and willing to listen to his message.

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“I took my son with me because I saw him leaning towards SoundCloud rapping, and because of Bee Scatt’s talk, he no longer wants to be a rapper, but a country singer. I couldn’t be happier,” audience member Carissa County said.

Scatt Plans on making a national tour in which he takes his message and spreads it all over the country. Thanks to people like Scatt, SoundCloud seems to be wrapping it up with it’s production of ameture rap music.

Written by Kiyara Long

Kiyara is a Junior at MC, a writer for the MC Sun, and a varsity tennis player.
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