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Biden’s Handling of the Border Crisis

The situation at the southern border has hardly improved, leaving those seeking safety and a brighter future in a compromising position. Some politicians, like Trump and his crew, try to frame the border situation as a crisis, which while partly true is leaving out a key theme: the U.S. is …

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Victim-Blaming and the Propulsion of Rape Culture

Trigger warning: the following article contains descriptions of sexual assault. On March 3, 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend’s place in London. Following a normal set of safety precautions,  she called her boyfriend and routed the walk through well-lit streets. Instead of returning home, however, …

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College Prestige is an Illusion

Universities like Oxford, Princeton, and Harvard are household names. With tuition as high as 60,000 dollars, before adding on living expenses, and acceptance rates dropping to below five percent, the competition to get into the world’s top schools is higher than ever. This is not due to a rapid increase …

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Stem Cell Research is Neccessary

Human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research is a rapidly developing discipline in modern medicine. With the potential to treat diseases, like Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, and a unique ability to multiply into other types of cells, stem cells offer great promise for understanding human development. Along with the praise, hESC …

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Is Horse Racing Ethical?

The horse racing industry, once dominating the world of American sports, has become a subject of controversy. The recorded deaths and abuses of horses in the industry has created a growing scrutiny of the sport, with many questioning if it is ethical to continue.  According to the Jockey Club’s Equine …

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Genius is Over-Rated

Nothing in life comes for free. This mantra can be extended to the acquirement of mastery or prowess in a given field. Whether it be mastering multivariable calculus or hyper-realistic art, no glory or success in life can be maintained through effortless means. Contrary to popular belief, being a genius …

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