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Co-Editor in Chief and Senior, Ro'aa Alkhawaja, loves herself a good week of binge-watching Undeclared and eating more Nutella sandwiches than should be humanly possible.

Atom Land Makes Physics Accessible to all

By using lengthy equations to describe phenomena like star implosions and cosmological expansion, physics describes the way in which the universe functions. Such laws and theories are developed through a long process of difficult calculations, often in the manner of trial and error. The whirlwind of numbers and free body …

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College Prestige is an Illusion

Universities like Oxford, Princeton, and Harvard are household names. With tuition as high as 60,000 dollars, before adding on living expenses, and acceptance rates dropping to below five percent, the competition to get into the world’s top schools is higher than ever. This is not due to a rapid increase …

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Stem Cell Research is Neccessary

Human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research is a rapidly developing discipline in modern medicine. With the potential to treat diseases, like Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, and a unique ability to multiply into other types of cells, stem cells offer great promise for understanding human development. Along with the praise, hESC …

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Stimulus Checks and the Rise of the New Poor

On March 12, 2021, Congress administered the second round of stimulus checks. With many Americans currently jobless and financially insecure, these checks were much needed. Congress decided on the amount $1400. All around, citizens are bowing on their knees at the country’s brave and generous leaders.  “With fourteen hundred dollars, …

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Can Wormholes Host Massive Objects?

According to Einstein’s general relativity, massive objects bend the fabric of spacetime, manipulating the gravitational force around them. Black holes are notorious for being so massive that they bend spacetime onto themselves, creating a gravitational pull so strong that not even light (the fastest moving thing in the universe) can …

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Hollywood is in a Remake Stage

Once in a while, the entertainment industry creates a masterpiece, a classic for the ages. Such successful developments include the Harry Potter franchise, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and arguably every Disney princess movie ever made. The fandoms grow strong, and the pockets of the industry grow full; it’s a …

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Reddit Financial Revolution

In late January, a financial revolution led by subreddit w/WallStreetBets made the highly improbable a reality. A union of millennial Reddit users collectively bought dying GameStop stocks in an attempt to interfere with Wall Street hedge funds. By the end of the month, investors saw GameStop stock price rise more …

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