Andrew Tate’s Downfall

Controversial internet influencer, Andrew Tate, who was recently imprisoned in Romania on sexual trafficking charges, has just been extradited to the United Kingdom. International authorities were alerted to Tate’s criminal history by receiving mountains of evidence. Videos depicted him as a modern boogie-man who menaces the public and prowls the streets. 

Andrew Tate spotting his next victim to dance on | Photo Courtesy of Twitter

After being located by Romanian authorities, prosecutors in the UK swiftly brought to light the other felonies and misdemeanors he has committed in the past. These other criminal charges include money laundering, dancing threateningly in public spaces, unlawfully taking the likeness of Pitbull, and much more. 

The team of lawyers prosecuting Tate reportedly received much of their evidence from the American investigative journalist Hank Pecker. Both parties were astonished to find that Tate was not charged or even questioned at all by authorities in the past for his previous offenses.

“It wasn’t that hard to find dirt on the guy, there are dozens of videos of him twerking on random people in the streets for Christ sakes. This guy’s entire internet presence is self incrimination and a collection of podcast clips fear mongering over women. This man is truly a freak and a threat to society,” Pecker said. 

Tate’s worldwide fanbase, self-labeled as the ‘Tater Tots,” are passionately protesting for the acquittal of their surrogate internet-daddy. One Tot, the Twitch streamer Adin Ross, has been left inconsolable over Tate’s current predicament. 

“He promised me that we would get married, that we would have kids, and that we could live in a cottage by the beach. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now,” Ross said on his stream while sobbing.  

Tate upon realizing the consequences of his actions | Photo Courtesy of Twitter

To the great relief of the Tots, Tate has been allowed access to his Twitter account while in custody. He shares his accounts of imprisonment on a daily basis. 

“This has now been eight days in the suffocating captivity of the matrix. They don’t let me wear sunglasses, smoke cigars, or even drink sparkling water. The living conditions can only be described as callous and draconian. How could a just god allow this to happen to me?” Tate stated in a tweet. 

One part of the case, confirmed by Hank Pecker, was that the overwhelming evidence against Tate would be too much for the courts to deny. 

“One thing I am certain of is that he is going away for a long time. Either he’ll be convicted for promoting a ponzi scheme to desperate teen boys, kidnapping women, or dancing like a maniac in the streets. I just hope he falls to obscurity like the rest of those pick-up artist scammers,” Pecker said. 

Although Andrew Tate tragically made a large impact on the internet community, his time in the light fortunately did not last. Like a sick animal being put down, Tate will never see the sun or his super-cars ever again because of his crimes.

Written by Thomas Bell

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