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Biden’s Handling of the Border Crisis

The situation at the southern border has hardly improved, leaving those seeking safety and a brighter future in a compromising position. Some politicians, like Trump and his crew, try to frame the border situation as a crisis, which while partly true is leaving out a key theme: the U.S. is …

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Tucker’s Tirade

Conservatives were left stunned this Monday on April 18 after watching the most recent segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The show’s host, Tucker Carlson, made a profound statement about the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in America, explaining why Covid vaccines are not to be trusted.  “Not only do the vaccines have …

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Farmer Protests in India

Indian farmers have recently faced a lack of government support. Tens of thousands of protestors in New Delhi are rising up against policies that would deregulate wholesale business. But out of the nearly 800 million people who survive by farming, there are few who can afford to take time away …

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Let’s Talk About Defunding the Police.

The idea of defunding law enforcement in the United States has recently become an exceptionally controversial topic of debate. Most people see different sides of the coin when it comes to police depending on where you live or even what your ethnic background is. It’s also safe to assume that …

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