Tucker’s Tirade

Conservatives were left stunned this Monday on April 18 after watching the most recent segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The show’s host, Tucker Carlson, made a profound statement about the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in America, explaining why Covid vaccines are not to be trusted. 

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Appears At National Review Ideas Summit
Fox News host Tucker Carlson discusses ‘Populism and the Right’ during the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit | Photo courtesy of Chip Somodevilla

“Not only do the vaccines have dangerous chemicals that harm your children, they also have neurological side effects that can indoctrinate you into believing extreme leftist propaganda,” Carlson said. 

Going on to explain his new and abstract theory, Tucker went into detail about the unprecedented effect Covid vaccines are having on the population. 

“It is absolutely ridiculous that Democrats peddle this sort of mind control while claiming it to be ‘the solution to a major health crisis.’ According to reliable sources, vaccinations have even made some believe that medical care costs should not cause bankruptcy, which is yet another aggressive socialist ideology,” Carlson said. 

He continued to hammer down on the point that the vaccine’s side effects were irreparable, and administration of the vaccine could result in adopting radical political ideologies. 

Tucker Carlson loses some of his advertisers after George Floyd killing POV | Photo courtesy of Fox News

“The Democrats want to take advantage of the public’s anxiety and engage in fear mongering tactics to further spread the vaccine across the nation. Bad-faith actors on the left will stop at nothing to inject people with microchips to track and monitor the public. This is almost exactly like the book “1984” by George Orwell,” Carlson said. 

Tucker’s remarks were, of course, questioned by liberal reporters who seemed to think that his statements were only conjecture. In an interview with the New York Times, the show’s producer, Justin Wells, came to defend Carlson.

He's guilty as hell': 'SNL' spoofs Trump impeachment results with Tucker  Carlson show - National |
SNL parodies “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in skit on the Trump Impeachment | Photo Courtesy of Global News

“I understand that you’re asking if he actually has empirical evidence to prove his claims, and of course he does, but we can’t give it to you because our lawyers have informed us that you’ll misrepresent it and there will be another lawsuit filed by those satanic pharmaceutical companies,” Wells said. 

Tucker’s long address of the vaccine situation lasted almost ten minutes, and Carlson stopped for a few seconds  and started another segment about Biden’s foreign policy. Carlson reportedly never blinked or seemed to be tired throughout the entire air-time of his show, which lasted half an hour.

Written by Thomas Bell

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