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FBI Kills Potential Missouri Terrorist

  Written by Staff Writer Prisha Puntambekar A 36-year-old Missouri terrorist died  after violently confronting the FBI in late March. According to BBC News, he intended to bomb a hospital amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Evidence suggests that the bomber exhibited clear signs of religious discrimination and white supremacy. BBC News …

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How COVID-19 affects Voting Procedures

As streets empty and cities close down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States has been left with a democratic dilemma in regards to the 2020 election.  Uncertainty and claims of unsafe in-person voting capabilities by infectious disease experts across the country fill daily newscasts. As a result, many …

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California Casts the Ballot

The field within the Democratic primaries is narrowing, and California voters will now be eligible to affect the course of the American presidential election. On Tuesday, March 3rd, 14 states will cast their votes in preliminary caucuses that will help to determine the eventual Democratic presidential nominee.  About 40% of …

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Fire at MC

By Staff Writer Roxy Hudson Posted by Co-EIC Sarah Kadous “It smells like barbeque,” said many MC athletes at practice after school on Monday, September 23. Smoke and the smell of fire spread through the Mt. Carmel High School campus at about 4:40pm after the shrubbery between the high school …

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