Is George Santos a Victim of Bigotry?

The United States of America functions as a democratic-republic, in which the basis of government relies on the consent of the governed. For such a form of government to function, political scientists argue, governmental officials must maintain transparency with their constituents. On Capitol Hill, however, the concept of transparency has been recently redefined – especially with the presence of U.S. Representative George Santos.

Santos represents the third congressional district of New York and was elected in 2022. However, throughout the course of his campaign, members of the radical left have accused Santos of concealing vital personal information.

George Santos | Photo Courtesy of New York Magazine

“Santos is a liar with a dirty past, there’s no denying that,” far-left activist Candace Ohwens said. “I’m particularly infuriated because he lied about stealing puppies from an Amish farmer.”

However, the allegations of Santos’ misbehavior – specifically his puppy-theft – are gradually losing credibility. On Saturday, he addressed the public in a speech regarding the accusations.

“I’m a guy who likes puppies. Are we really canceling people for that now?” he said. “The hatred expressed by my critics is clearly targeting me for my love for animals. It is puppyphobic. They’re puppyphobes.” 

Santos’ newly coined term of “puppyphobia” has gained great traction, sparking a new conversation about bigoted behavior towards lovers of puppies.

“Santos raises a legitimate concern about the rhetoric targeted towards puppy connoisseurs,” CNN reporter Don Lemon said. “It’s certainly unfair to hate those who love puppies. In fact, the best time to love a dog is during puppyhood – that’s when the animal is really at its prime. Once the dog is 2 or 3 years old, who wants it?” 

While the anti-puppyphobia movement is still in its infancy, it shows great potential to impact the nation. Its members seek to provide justice for victims of the puppiarchy, such as the persecuted George Santos himself.

Written by Prisha Puntambekar

Senior Prisha Puntambekar is Editor-in-Chief of the MCSun and has been part of journalism since her freshman year. Outside of journalism, she is busy blasting Tyler, the Creator or Taylor Swift on her record player.

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