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Costume Gallery: Your GoTo Halloween Costume Store

Once again, Halloween is coming up and you found yourself without a costume, for the tenth year in a row. Buying a costume at this point would mean sacrificing at least a third of your paycheck for a low-quality, nylon  outfit. What are you supposed to do when you have a Halloween party to go to? Fear not, for Costume Gallery is at your rescue.

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Do you want to be Cinderella but all the cute costumes were sold out? There, there, purchase our “Fireplace Maiden Secret Princess” outfit for only a hundred dollars. Not only does it come with a nylon-polyester blend blue dress, bought off of the online market’s most reputable store, Amazon, it also comes with a 100% non-recycled off-white plastic princess crown, with mixed-matched jewels.

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What if you wanted to be something more notorious like the clown from It? There’s no need to leave your dough at some big business Halloween store, when we have what you need for only seventy-five dollars. Take up our new and exclusive “White and Red Sewer Clown” costume that is equipped with a red balloon on a stick as well as a plain white shirt with ruffles, that was found in the women’s aisle of a thrift shop.

No other Halloween store has proven to produce the most amazing outfits such as Costume Gallery. Come get your wicked Halloween costume today. (Starting costs are at fifty dollars plus tax.)

Written by Kiyara Long

Kiyara is a Junior at MC, a writer for the MC Sun, and a varsity tennis player.
Her aspirations in life are to eat any and all processed food snacks that come her way and to find a cure for permanent sock tans. She is currently researching majors and colleges, but she's going with the flow at the moment.

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