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Elections On Instagram

For decades, research all over America has shown that youth in the twenty-first century do not vote as frequently as their ancient counterparts. Due to this, the Democratic party has been  losing support since Republican voters are mainly older people. But in an effort to upset the odds, the Democratic party has come up with a way to make voting more appealing to its younger audience.

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They have created an Instagram account and have used the features on the app to make a poll on their insta-story. The Democrats are preparing to launch this concept when the midterms come into play.

“We plan on reaching out to multiple social media platforms in efforts to increase the amount of young people voting. For now, this will be our first experiment. We really just want to make a change in the world, and so far this is the best idea we’ve come about,” Democratic  spokesperson, Martha Mediya said.

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Though the Democratic party says their plan is revolutionary, their Republican opponents have deemed their new approach as a desperate grasp of collecting young voters.

“Democrats are using insta-story polls for the actual election? Ha! How pathetic. Back in my day, young people wanted to vote. We had to cross forests, deserts and climb Mt. Rushmore just to be qualified to vote. If you happened to qualify, at that point a bald eagle, representing American freedom, will be sent to pick you up and drop you into at an American embassy where you have to prove your American citizenship. Only then could you vote,” Republican, Johnnie McConnie said.

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No matter what their opponents think, the Democrats are going through with their plan and thus far, the idea is getting positive reviews from their targeted audience.

“I am totally chill with this idea. Like, I’m just too lazy to go to the polls and like actually make a change in the world, so like, this is a great alternative for me. Whatever the Democrats are doing is just great and I, like, totally think all the other parties should like follow suit because I know so many other eighteen year-olds,” Brittany S. Polls.

Further information about the launch of the insta-story voting will come out in the future, but for now, the buzz about this revolutionary idea has just begun.

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