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Reality V.S. Fantasy: A Football Exclusive


Just as tailgate parties, beers, and actual football have simply not been enough for the crazed, burly men and screeching, enthusiastic women of America, a sophisticated way of getting involved in the game has almost leveled out the playing field.

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Fantasy football, a competition between a group of players, that takes an imaginary roster of actual professional football players, are used to rack up points based on their performance.

This game, originated in 1962, has become a national sensation among all generations of Americans.

Reports from the sporting police stated that fantasy football participants are  trying to become professional footballers with only a short quiz online.

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“It’s like getting ordained to marry two people,” a representative of the sporting police said, “some of these hard core fantasy football players are finding ways to get into the system through an untraceable website.”

Some FBI hackers have come forward to address the problem yesterday at a conference held Qualcomm stadium.

“We are trying our best to figure out who is allowing these random selections of citizens into professional sporting jobs. Until then, all coaching acceptances starting as of now, will be allowed to stay for questioning, however, incoming applicants will be rejected on the spot. Whether they are qualified for the job or not,” FBI representatives said.

This poses a problem for many football teams as they are potentially subject to terrible coaching, but some players have been welcoming of these new, out of the ordinary coaches.

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“I personally don’t mind the fact that we have these fantasy football coaches,” defensive player, John D. Tackle said, “Our old coach wasn’t that great in the first place- we almost lost every game we played, so having some new blood with newer ideas on the team doesn’t seem that bad to me. Plus, some of the fantasy football players end up winning a lot of the time.

Whether it’s for the greater good or the ultimate downfall of professional football teams, fantasy football participants’ dream of physically coaching their selected football players, has become more of a reality rather their fantasy.

Written by Kiyara Long

Kiyara is a Junior at MC, a writer for the MC Sun, and a varsity tennis player.
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