The clicking pens debacle: Will teachers get past it?

Fresh out of school with a teaching degree, it seems that all teachers are a part of a strange phenomenon, noted by medical professions. They all seem to be allergic to clicking pens. Some might even believe that they are conditioned to be irritated, but no evidence has turned up to support this theory.

Clicking Pen
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Side effects to the allergy is unnecessary squawking, repeating a phrase similar to ‘I just want to let everyone know, I really hate clicking pens,’ and finally insisting on the use of capped pens to subside the clicking habit.

“I don’t know what about them drives me mad, the only thing that my mind tells me when I hear a pen click, is to yell at whoever clicked it,” teacher Martha Ruberson said.

It almost seems as if teachers also have a problem with any bodily functions. Sneezing, coughing, and sniffling all appear to cause a disturbance to their teaching. The annoyance  of pens clicking reaches a point,  that it is virtually

Student coughing | Photo Courtesy of EDU in Review

impossible for the teacher to continue, forcing them to ask ‘who’s clicking that pen?’

A remedy for this terrible medical disease is yet to be found, and teachers all around America still suffer from the disorder. While students patiently wait for their teachers to overcome the allergy, a temporary solution should take place. Support groups appear to be the  only option at this point, giving a safe space to teachers where they can openly say, why they feel such negative feelings towards clicking pens and bodily functions is important.

“I honestly hope the staff overcomes this controlling disease, I don’t think I can handle it if Mrs. Robertson berates me again for sneezing, it’s finals week and I kinda’ need to be here,” Rhonda Simpson said.

Theories are being investigated, data is getting collected, and students are going insane. The answer to why something as small as insistent pen clicking and sniffing causes such a reaction is still unknown. But to why this phenomenon continues, is a question that remains.

Written by Leyana Nabi

Leyana Nabi is a junior and the sunburn editor for the MC Sun. She's always down for a good laugh and is an avid fan of the Mamma Mia movies.

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