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Dora The Teenage Explorer?

Hóla! Soy Dora- as a teenager, and not as a child, like how I was portrayed on Nickelodeon broadcasting for decades!

Have you seen my new movie trailer? Bueno, me too! Have you ever seen anything more cringey in your life? ¡Fantastico, me neither!

Why am I a teenager and not teaching Spanish to viewers- but rather adventuring in the jungle? I have no idea!

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I think that since I am about sixteen all of a sudden, Nickelodeon is trying to retarget my show for tweens!

Also, as a teenager, I want to wear the same outfit as I did when I was five. This is exactly the thing that I -as well as any other teenage girls- would do. Now repeat after me, mi sueño es lucir como un niña des cinco años, it’s my dream to look like a five year old.

Even though I am very confused right now, it is okay. I will consult my very best monkey friend, Boots, to see what is going on!

Do you see the badly CGI developed, blue monkey? Is he in the trees? No Bueno. Is he in the truck? No Bueno. Oh where could my poorly developed monkey friend be? Do you think he is in my bag? Let’s check!… There you are my creepy friend! Thank you for helping me find Boots. Now let’s ask him if he knows what’s going on!

Wait, Boots can’t talk? That’s odd, he used to be able to in the original show. Can you find Backpack and Map? Wait, they’re not here either? Oh no! What are we supposed to do?

Photo Courtesy of Geekiary

I guess I’d have to go with the flow on this one. It seems as though Diego isn’t an explorer anymore but a… what do you call it… a city slicker? Oh well, I guess I have to stay with him according to my movie trailer. Who knew mi Mamá y Papá were explorers? I always thought that they stayed home while I went to adventure, like in my original show. Find out how I, a teenage girl, save my parents from being kidnapped with a team of other random teenagers from the city!

¡Hasta Luego! See you next time!

Written by Kiyara Long

Kiyara is a Junior at MC, a writer for the MC Sun, and a varsity tennis player.
Her aspirations in life are to eat any and all processed food snacks that come her way and to find a cure for permanent sock tans. She is currently researching majors and colleges, but she's going with the flow at the moment.

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