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Dilemma solved: the real reason why dogs look like their owners

Whether walking along the sidewalk or visiting the dog park, it’s always a no-brainer when figuring out who the owner of a random dog is, all you have to do is simply compare the K-9 to a person.

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According to statistics from the Defending Our Good Bois facility, or the D.O.G.B, dog scientists have surveyed over a hundred animals and owners and have come to the conclusion that almost one hundred percent of K-9 participants look exactly like human owners.

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The D.O.G.B. facility has also found out why soon to be owners select pets that look like them.

Apparently, research shows  that the humans’ subconscious has  grown to see their own facial features as the standard for beauty, so they naturally choose the prettiest pet that also resembles themselves.

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Many dog owners were shocked when this information was released to the public.

“I never knew that my infatuation with super curly hair, pointy noses and the color white would have made me look like Buttercup over here,” Wilma Blanco said while petting her poodle.

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Other people seemed to be in denial.

According to  Kristen Cole, a woman who likes to suntan without sunscreen, “There’s no way that I can look like Rex, he’s a Chinese Crested dog, they’re hairless and skinny with two-toned splotchy skin […] There’s no way a hottie like me could ever be compared to Rex,” Cole said.

Even with mixed reactions among the world’s populous, and whether or not owners can see themselves in their dogs, man’s best friend loves them no  matter what.

Written by Kiyara Long

Kiyara is a Junior at MC, a writer for the MC Sun, and a varsity tennis player.
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