Are white socks the newest superfood?

Specialists at the Center for Health and Lifestyle (CHL) in Santa Barbara, CA have made an astounding discovery: ordinary socks may be a nutrient-rich  superfood.

Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that contribute to good health and longevity. According to the recent study, white socks of many major brands contain essential minerals like iron, Vitamin C, and fiber.

The experiments, conducted at CHL headquarters, tested common items such as leather purses, silverware, and even cardboard for nutritional value. According to specialists, white socks contained the most nutrients ever seen before in the labs.

“Because of their constant exposure to both sunlight and moisture, socks are able to absorb nutrients that are uncommon in nature but necessary to our diets,” Dr. Harvey Vadd, one of the health specialists who had helped with the study, said. “It’s all in the cotton fibers.”

Vadd said that general well-being was the main motivation behind the study.

“Mainly, we want to make people healthier. We definitely don’t just want publicity or money,” Vadd said.

Other specialists have expressed total acceptance of  the results of the study.

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“If the explanation seems sound, we don’t really have to test the results, as long as people believe the claims,”Oliver Herrmann, a scientist at the Institute of Good Health and Learning (IGHL), said. “There’s usually no reason to disbelieve the claims that people make about nutrition.”

This astounding new discovery could totally change the sock industry in the near future. The CHL study was sponsored by Hanes.

Written by Anna Ensberg

Anna is a freshman and a Staff Writer for the MC Sun. Her hobbies include dancing ballet, reading, eating, and sleeping. She would like to thank her friends and family for being supportive.

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