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Defenders: The final battle

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Marvel films have always left their audiences with tears of joy and laughter, or a sense of justice being fulfilled. However, the recent blockbuster film that recently hit theatres left everyone in treacherous tears. Critics and audience members protested against the director’s, Antonio and Moe Kusso’s, decision  for ending the beloved series on a morbid note as well as leaving the audience confused. Axel Grey, a superhero enthusiast, was one of them.

“Destroying the team wasn’t the issue for me. The issue was all the big plot bombs, like c’mon who would’ve guessed that Rocket and Black Widow would end up together, she always has a new love interest. Why can’t she settle down?,” Grey said.

Many critics were also  shocked by the romance between the Hulk and Groot. Others were terrified by the fact that some of the audience members were so devastated over the death of the team that they too died of a heart attack in their seats. The Kusso brothers later revealed that they chose the ending and bold plot twists as a way of cinematic creativity. They defended the film by stating how their choices in the film served their purpose due to the the constant complaints and negative reviews.

“It was our way of showing that the audience can’t control what we want to put in our films,” Moe Kusso said.

Even with the recent confusion and depression amongst  audiences nationwide, the Avengers films will still carry on.

“The Avengers universe will not end because of an unexpected turn of events within the characters,” Antonio Kusso said. “We will still continue to tie up the series and make more unexpected twists that will possibly drive the critics mad.”

Written by Sofia Lumagui

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