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Students registrating to vote
Photo courtesy by The San Diego Union-Tribune

On April 20, a group of students under the name of Nighthawk Activists United (NAU) gathered  more than 150 Del Norte students in front of the school. Wanting students to participate in an nation-wide walk out against school violence on  the 19th anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

NAU members were frustrated that the first school walk out regarding gun control did not  make the massive difference that they wanted it to. Even though Florida bumped up stocks and age limit to buy a gun they wanted a bigger impact throughout all states. This is why due to this they formed the NAU  to further political activism among students. They want to press their representatives and the Poway district need to hear their voices to listen.

Del Norte students protesting over gun safety
Photo courtesy by The San Diego Union-Tribune

These Del Norte students directed attention to the Poway Unified School District, believing not enough is being done to help discourage school violence. While they upgraded Del Norte’s security by putting up cameras and fencing, NAU students at Del Norte hoped their school administration would do more.

Senior Yunho Jung wants to the school board to hire new counselors as current counselors are overworked with assigned students. With more counselors, they would have enough time to talk to students that need help with out being too busy with assigned students.

“We are losing personal connection with them as students,” Jung said.

Junior Caden Holland speaking to his classmates about school safety
Photo courtesy by The San Diego Union-Tribune

Del Norte’s junior Caden Hollander spoke at the board meeting stating his perspective on the situation.

“The Second Amendment should not outweigh our rights to feel safe at schools,” Hollander said.

Hollander also expressed that buying a gun should have been that easy at their age.

“It should not be harder to get a driver’s license than a gun,” Hollander said.

Yunho Jung, Caden Hollander, Nicole Parks,  and Maria Alita stated their opinion at the school board meeting, telling board members  what needs to change in order for kids to feel safe at school again. Other than students disconcerting each other thinking who can be trusted.

Written by Kiahna Sales

Kiahna is a sophomore at MC, and a staff writer for the MC Sun. She is apart of the football team, basketball team, and track team. She loves dogs, drawing, and going to the beach.

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