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Battlefield 5, social justice warfare?

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EA, or Electronic Arts, recently released a trailer for their new upcoming game Battlefield 5. This trailer has brought a great amount of community backlash for the unhistorical gameplay shown, as it is a WWII game.

Fans and players are angry at the developers because they put female soldiers onto the front lines and claim that they do not want to play as a minority for countries that did not allow minorities into the military. Todd Hughes, a professional gamer and Battlefield player gave his thoughts on the game.

“How dare EA and DICE create a historically inaccurate game by adding females to the front lines to a WWII game. Battlefield games are known for their historical accuracy and realism, like taking a bullet to the face that doesn’t kill you, magically healing yourself, and ground vehicles flying,” Hughes said.

People in the community are demanding for a historically accurate WWII experience.

“What I want is a history lesson with my game. It would be so fun to just sit in a trench for hours in a game and to witness all of the horrific sights of the Normandy Invasion, Nazi inflicted genocide, and the aftermath of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan,” Hughes said.

Critics claim that Battlefield is getting taken over by “Social Justice Warriors” and that it is following the path of its rival game Call of Duty by adding minority groups to the front lines in a WWII game. Fourteen-year-old Max Jones gives his views on the matter.

“Why would a person of an ethnicity that was slaughtered by Nazis during WWII be offended and disgusted to see that happen on screen? A better question is, ‘do people even play shooter games for fun?’ because I play them to suppress my blood lust,” Jones said.

Furthermore, Jones gives his feedback on the actual trailer.

“All I could think about when I saw the trailer was, ‘how am I supposed to focus on blowing up cars to make them fly across the map and t-bagging enemies when there are female soldiers on my team in a WWII game?’” Jones said.

In the meantime, EA and DICE might try to take measures to please their large women-hating teenage boy audience.

“It’s not like EA wants to reach a greater audience in their game by adding females and minorities, they are just joining the liberal bandwagon,” Jones said.

Unless the developers of Battlefield 5 decide to make changes to their game to please a portion of their audience, players can expect to play as any shape, color, weight range, gender, and ethnicity on either side of the war. Think of the game as an alternate history WWII game that is less horrifying with more vibrant color, minorities, and action-packed gameplay.

Written by Oskar Salminen

My name is Oskar Salminen and I am a junior at MC. I am 100% Finnish and have dual citizenship. Also, I love European cars.

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