Parents abuse kids during the Christmas season

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As thousands of children are forced to leave Syria as a result of the civil war in their country, children in America are faced with a far more concerning epidemic: getting the wrong present for Christmas, or worse, getting almost exactly what they wanted, but with small details being off.

In today’s day and age, you’d expect parents to be able to get presents just right, I mean, by the seventh wish list, my parents should understand that I want a Silver iPad Mini 3 with 64 GB of storage and 4G.

Alas, parents still seem to be incapable of getting exactly what us kids want, and these rightfully upset teenagers take to Twitter in protest, with complaints ranging from not getting the new iPhone 6+,to getting an iPad Air instead of an Electric Drum set.

Worse yet are those that have to get the gift almost right. These cold-hearted parents have the gall to give their children a black iPhone, when they clearly wanted a white one, or, in the case of one Twitter user, a pack of purple pens rather than another, vastly superior, color.

These heartless parents probably get some sick pleasure out of these crimes against humanity– watching their kids get excited over their brand new phone, then demolishing their spirit by buying it in the wrong color. Really, all these terrible parents are doing is saying they could’ve made Christmas perfect for once, but instead, a conscious decision was made to turn a perfectly good holiday into crushed dreams.

The absolute worst, however, must be those despicable parents that decided to get their kids sub-par gifts when compared to their friends or relatives. These insufferable gift-givers are clearly plotting against us by ensuring everyone around us gets what they want, while inhumanely withholding the gift from the rightful recipient.

These sadistic parents should, at the very least, have Child Protective Services monitoring them. This growing trend of inhumane treatment towards children needs to stop before it grows into something worse, like parents getting their children something that is more expensive than what they asked for.

Written by Brandon Noyes

This year is Bradon's first year on staff, where he is a writer. He is in Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, and is on the swim team. Brandon enjoys skiing, sailing, and eating most foods.

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