Poway teen’s 18th birthday party busted for underage drinking

On Saturday, Jan. 3, a local party was rolled by the Poway Sheriff’s Department around 10:30 p.m. The party was hosted by the Lake family, with Poway High Senior Olivia Lake and father Jeff Lake both present upon the arrival of the police.

Olivia’s 18th birthday party was playboy themed, and included teens dressed in lingerie accompanied by bunny ears/tails and Hugh-Hefner inspired costumes.

Evidence of underage drinking was revealed when the sheriff department discovered two unconscious, intoxicated teens later that night during their search of the home.

Jeff Lake was detained that night for the violation of Poway’s social host ordinance by hosting a party where underage teens consumed alcohol. He was detained for a short time and released under $200 bail. Lake, a lawyer himself, released a statement later that week.

In his statement, Lake made it clear that the sheriffs entered his house without a warrant and detained him without reciting his Miranda Rights beforehand. Although these allegations against the sheriffs may be true, the issue of underage drinking was the largest issue at hand.

In an interview from Fox 10 news, Mayor Steve Vaus comments on the party; “You have a party like this and it’s as though you’re handing out hand grenades as party favors,” Vaus said, who lives in the neighborhood. “It’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

The news of the party has been spread nationwide. The Lake family refuses to speak out about the issues, aside from Lake’s statement. If convicted, Lake could serve up to six months in jail.


Written by jordan tolbert

Jordan is a Senior and runs on the MC Cross Country & Track team. She loves to laugh and tries to make puns all the time which aren't really funny. She is an energetic, friendly girl who you can count on. She also eats a lot of chocolate and sour patch maybe that's why she has so much energy.

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