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Jordan is a Senior and runs on the MC Cross Country & Track team. She loves to laugh and tries to make puns all the time which aren't really funny. She is an energetic, friendly girl who you can count on. She also eats a lot of chocolate and sour patch kids...so maybe that's why she has so much energy.

Angelika Theater Review: A++

Amidst the Mountains of Carmel, a short drive east of MC, there is a brand new theater called “Angelika.” Once the home of theaters and matinees every weekend, this place has revolutionized movies for locals. I saw Mockingjay, Part Two with my little brother and was pleasantly surprised to purchase …

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Let’s get this straight.

  Muslim does not translate to terrorist. An FBI study tracking the involvement of Muslims in terrorism from 1988-2005 concluded that 94% of terrorists were non-Muslim. Terrorists are terrorists. Christians, Jews, Catholics, Atheists, and Muslims are all capable of being terrorists. Terrorism is not defined as a religious group, but …

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CON: Gun Restrictons

Oregon community college. NAU. Sandy Hook. These nightmarish school  shootings made guns appear to be the enemy of the United States. However, guns don’t shoot themselves. The person holding it becomes responsible for every shot fired. With policies like the Brady Law, background checks are conducted on people purchasing guns. …

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Fantasy Football

“Well you’re not 7-0 in the league, are you?” Senior Ian Lemersal said to his adversaries.  Seniors Mike Devine and Brandon Hopkins stare back coldly. The cause of rising hostility among friend groups is none other than Fantasy Football. The intense rivalry that encompasses this game is what drives the …

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MC Football update

Three weeks ago, MC football played their first game of the season against Olympian High school. The following week, the Sundevils conquered Escondido in a vicious defeat that ended  43-10. The loss to Mira Mesa at our first home game  put them at 2-1, still an impressive record. Although the …

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Girls Basketball

This year, the MC girls basketball team begins with a dynamite 6-0 lead, and as the season proceeds, the continue to dominate the leaderboard. With 18 games under their belts, (or should I say, elastic waistbands)  they have emerged victorious in 17 of them. With just one loss, their standing …

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Ian Lemersal’s European adventure

On Wednesday, Dec. 17, junior Ian Lemersal boarded a plane to Sweden, the premiere stop on what would become an epic European trek. Accompanied by his father, Lemersal would visit Sweden, Denmark, and England over the course of two weeks. Upon his arrival in Sweden, Lemersal took instant notice of …

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Sasquatch out for this new trend

Commonly called “The Squatch” by his comrades in the North American wilderness, this “mythical” beast began as a normal man who made No-shave November a year-round ordeal. He decided to spread his ideas into southern California upon his return home. Recently, the trend has affected the entire MC student body. …

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