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The new Mr. Sundevil: Mike Devine

Photo courtesy//Chianne Mallari
Photo courtesy//Chianne Mallari

Fame and Fortune. The motivation of the newly-crowned Mr. Sundevil Mike Devine. From rapping, to guess-that-song, and even Q&A, the judges believed he was the most qualified senior for the title. With the support of not only the judges but also the student body, Devine is certain to be a Sundevil people will remember for years to come.

Despite his rocky beginnings earlier this year after his release of “King of the 56,” and his small run-in with admin, this Sundevil has redeemed himself…and then some. Mike Devine is an all-around guy; he’s on ASB, plays varsity baseball, and gives off a friendly vibe to anyone he comes in contact with.

“Regardless if I won or not, I would say it’s one of those experiences you remember from High School, where you can look back in ten years and say; ‘That was awesome.’” Devine said.

Mike excelled in every area; evening wear, guess the song lyrics, Q&A, and his rap that won him the title. He performed an original 2-minute song which summed up who he was and the importance of his experiences at MC hat wowed the audience and judges.

“I’d say that for talents, you should try to do something yourself, and don’t be afraid to do anything alone. Just be yourself, and do what you enjoy doing, because that’s all that matters.” said Devine.

Many  credit his win to the victory of his brother, Matt Devine, two years prior, but anyone who knows him can conclude that he deserved to win because of who he is as a person and his dedication to MC.

“My brother [Matt] did it when he was a senior, Devine said. “I had to do it so I had some bragging rights […] you know how it goes.”

He went on to discuss the reason he did the pageant in the first place, which was that his best friends all participated. “A lot of my buddies were in it, so that was a huge reason I did it, because it was never really about winning.” Devine said.

The Mr. Sundevil pageant will continue to be a Sundevil tradition and give seniors the opportunity to express themselves and make their mark at MC.

“I think they should continue Mr. Sundevil as long as MC stays open.” Devine said. “It’s one of those things that gives people a chance to make memories that they can look forward to year after year.”

Written by jordan tolbert

Jordan is a Senior and runs on the MC Cross Country & Track team. She loves to laugh and tries to make puns all the time which aren't really funny. She is an energetic, friendly girl who you can count on. She also eats a lot of chocolate and sour patch maybe that's why she has so much energy.

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