Girls’ Basketball’s chemistry makes up for shortage in height

Joe Gonzalez| Photographer
Joe Gonzalez| Photographer

Girls basketball has started off on a three-game winning streak. With three wins under their belts, the season is looking more than promising.

After losing seniors last year, the team filled in the missing spots with new players and techniques. Junior Alyssa Quidachay, a three-year varsity basketball player, explains how the team has adapted since last year.

“We lost some taller players, but we work hard in practice to make up for it,” Quidachay said. “We gained a few talented underclassmen, and our team works well together.”

Their first game against Montgomery High School ended with the Sundevils in a two-point lead. Senior Ali Englehardt elaborates on the training that prepared them for a win.

“We are faster than last year,” Englehardt said. “We had to run a lot more in practice so the [loss of] height wouldn’t be an issue.”

Next, the Sundevils continued their streak by winning 77-53  against Rancho Buena Vista and yet another win against Granite Hills with an end score of 60-57.

Evidently, holding the title of  2013  CIF runner-ups last year gave them the will to have an even better 2014 season. This year, the team chemistry seems to be an asset to their games. Junior Casey McWilliam explains the team chemistry this year compared to last year.

“We didn’t fill up too many new spots, so everyone is already used to each other,” McWilliam said. “The new players are getting comfortable with each other because we all work well together during practice and in games.”

Hopefully, the girls basketball team continues working hard in practice and winning games with their new tactics. Eventually, they hope to hold the 2014 CIF girls basketball title.

Written by jordan tolbert

Jordan is a Senior and runs on the MC Cross Country & Track team. She loves to laugh and tries to make puns all the time which aren't really funny. She is an energetic, friendly girl who you can count on. She also eats a lot of chocolate and sour patch maybe that's why she has so much energy.

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