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Animal Crossing: Friendship is magic

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

Hands raw and blistered, senior May Orwell works diligently day in and day out just to please others — and what for? What could one possibly gain from constantly fulfilling requests for other people? The satisfaction of friendship, that is what.

“I just want to have as many people as possible to be happy in my presence,” Orwell said. “It’s all worth it in the end just to see the look of glee on their faces when I give them what they need.”

Ever since Orwell has transferred in late to Animal Crossing High School, she’s always been eager to meet new people.

“I’m really proud of how far May has come,” senior Isabelle Shizu, her school guide, said. “First, I was her only friend, then I introduced her to my other friend and — well — here we are!”

It all started when Orwell went to a nearby fruit orchard and began collecting the fruits that dropped out of the trees. On her way back from her pickings, she saw her first opportunity for companionship.

“I overheard some people nearby complaining about how much they were craving berries, and I thought ‘well, I have some right here!’” Orwell said. “So I went over, started a conversation, gave them some berries, and the rest was history.”

She ran into the same situations when she went bug catching and fishing.

“It seems like the people of Animal Crossing really are nature people,” Orwell said.

Orwell builds bonds with the students around her by immersing herself in her environment. Once Orwell reaches a certain level of friendship with someone, you will get the highest form of achievement: an invitation to her house.

“May’s house is the best! She’s a real brosephine,” junior Rex Lyon said. “It’s like she specially customizes it for each new person. There’s always something to do there!”

However, it’s not as if Orwell does all this work with no reward. Her newfound friends are more than happy to repay her in any way that they can.

“May? She’s a real saltlick,” senior Beau Faun said. “Anything she needs, she can come ask me for.”

They even go as far as spontaneously giving gifts for her hospitality.

“The other day I found some extra dollar bills in my laundry and thought ‘wow, May does so much for me — why don’t I give back to her?’” junior Jay Blu said.

Perhaps her friendships may have started from something as menial as trading material goods, however, they managed to start some of the most mutualistic relationships Orwell has ever had.

Written by Mimi Hoang

Mimi Hoang, senior at MC, has a passion for drawing and vague-posting.

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