Delicious breakfast delivered to MC

Legend holds that the Sleepy Boi awakes on late start Fridays, tirelessly preparing breakfast for his friends. Every week, a new adventure for their taste buds awaits. They ponder in anticipation of the flavor: blueberry, Oreo, strawberry, or perhaps something new. No one can resist the captivating aura of a lovingly made pancake.

Laboring in his home kitchen, he prepares the batter, carefully mixing the concoction of flour, egg, and milk. Utilizing his dexterous hands, he pours the mix onto the pans. Like a master chef, he gracefully flips the pancakes at the most optimal time. His internal clock is more precise than quartz.

Half an hour has passed, and the pancakes are ready to be loaded into the iconic sunlight opal SUV.

The cereal connoisseur accompanied by the winged warden | Photographer Niharika Bhaskar

Arriving at 8:02 a.m., he parks in the third row, seven slots down. A massive crowd awaits his arrival; they burst with euphoria at the sight of his Subaru. As the trunk opens, everyone clamours around, anxious to receive their morning delight. Plates, forks, napkins, syrup, and more are included in the package. But making pancakes is far from the extent of the legend’s skills, for he is also renowned for the arduous task of crafting delicious cereal. The group celebrates at the joyous occasion, socializing until it is time for class to start.

Though the meal may be done for the week, the spirit never stops. The bringer of breakfast, the caffeine queen, the high priest of pancakes has brought triumph glee and jubilation once again.

Written by Johny Tran

Johny is a person, maybe.

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