The mystery of Mr. E

Mr. E is not what he seems. Though most students know him as Engebrits, our special investigations team has finally discovered his true identity—Mr. Anglebrackets.

Photo Courtesy of Odyssey

Cunningly, Anglebrackets entered MC as a math teacher to avoid suspicion of his ulterior objective: recruiting an elite group of high school hackers. From the very start, his plan was set. Computer science teachers began to mysteriously leave one after another. Vulnerable and defenseless, MC fell into dire straits. Just when hope faded away, Anglebrackets stepped up and took the position. The administration applauded his bravery, clueless to his intentions.

Despite being “new” to the field of computer science, Anglebrackets displayed a remarkable amount of knowledge, comparable to that of a top NSA agent. Year after year, his students received astoundingly high scores, including the best marks in the nation on the prestigious AP Computer Science exam. While the national pass rate is around a modest 60%, nearly every student of Anglebrackets has passed the test.

We suspect the reason for his teaching is to recruit agents for his spy agency. High school students are much less likely to be accused as a spy, especially one with the experience of a trained hacker.

Photo Courtesy of the Department of Defense

Our sources suspect that about 4% of Anglebrackets’ students have gone on to become special agents. A large amount of them appear to be involved in the formation of a cybersecurity team, headed by Anglebrackets himself. On the outside, this group claims to be preparing for Northrop Grumman’s CyberPatriot competition. In truth, they are assigned by Anglebrackets to the task of breaking into the Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service.

Anglebrackets is working under the guise of a white-hat hacker whose goal is to bolster the national defense system, but nobody knows if he might suddenly turn against the government one day with his vast army of agents. Now that his identity is exposed, we hope more pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

Written by Johny Tran

Johny is a person, maybe.

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