Travis Scott x McDonalds Campaign Photoshoot | Photo Courtesy: Variety

Travis Scott and McDonalds: The Collaboration of the Year

Travis Scott x McDonalds Campaign Photoshoot | Photo Courtesy: Variety

Rapper Travis Scott has risen to fame over the past couple years by collaborating with many other rappers, releasing hit singles, and dating Kylie Jenner for clout. Earlier this month, he came out with an unexpected collaboration with the fine dining corporation: McDonalds. Travis Scott not only surprised the world by bringing the golden arches out of collaboration retirement, but also came out with not one, not two, but three hit singles: the “six dollar meal”, “the merch”, and “the animated campaign commercials”. Travis Scott got a lot of mixed feedback about this partnership; most of all he got his fans very, very hungry. 

Travis Scott and McDonald’s did not realize what effects their collaboration would have on the public. According to CNBC, the collab is so popular amongst the fans, it has caused “quarter pounder shortages across the U.S.” and has “disrupted McDonald’s supply chain”. 

Worker for Mickey D’s and a huge fan and supporter of the collab, James Smith was interviewed by CNBC. Smith thinks the collaboration is great and thinks he knows the secret as to why the two seem to work well as partners.

“I think this collaboration is epic. They’re both so good at rapping, but have different styles. Travis is good at freestyle rap and Mickey D’s is good at wrapping up the food. I think that is what really brought them together,” Smith said. 

Travis Scott x McDonald’s Campaign Merch | Photo Courtesy: Complex

Since the 3 hit singles have been released- the meal, the merch, and the ads- business has reached an all time high for the first time since the pandemic outbreak. CEO of Mickey D’s, Chris Kempzcinski claims the campaign has helped business  by raising sales nationwide.

“Business has been great, to the point where we are getting new shipments of supplies by the hour. So many fans adore the six dollar meal because taste is so good, it will put you into sicko mode.” Kempzcinski said. “I wear the merch to work proudly. I am so honored to be promoting the products of not one but two of the greatest “wrappers” of the decade,”.

Amidst the great launch in sales and the hype around the collab, there has definitely been some confusion amongst the boomers. Many older customers and workers are bewildered by the fact a meal is named after a person. Gloria Miller, who has been around since the McDonald’s sign was just one arch, decided to go back to work during the pandemic because she felt she had too much free time. Miller thinks the collaboration is confusing to people of the baby boomers generation.

“One day at work, a young teenage boy ordered and said ‘May I please have a Travis Scott meal?’. I looked around to see if anyone else was confused. I did not understand a single word that came out of that boy’s mouth.” Miller said. “And to this day I am still asking: ‘Who is Travis Scott and what on earth is a sicko mode?’ ”.

The $6 Travis Scott Meal | Photo Courtesy: National Post

Morgan Flatley, Mickey D’s Chief of Marketing manager spoke on the matter.

“It is my job to advertise the collaboration and make all people aware of what it is all about. We held a seminar for all of our workers across the nation, so they would understand what we are promoting as a company.” Flatley said. “We had them watch all of Travis Scott’s music videos to help them grasp who he really is. Many workers over the age of 40 left there with wide eyes and shocked expressions,”.

Chris Hopkins, a baby boomer himself had some realizations after attending the McDonald’s seminar.

“At first I thought Travis Scott’s music was more Church style, because after all he does have a song named ‘Highest in the Room’. The seminar helped me understand who Travis Scoot is and whose 6 dollar meal we are selling,” Hopkins said.

Reactions in response to the Travis Scott and McDonalds collaboration are mixed but everyone can agree that it has made customers very, very hungry. Who knows? Maybe he will come out with an actual album next: the type of collaborations we were actually expecting.

Written by Kamara White

Junior, Kamara White, is the sports section editor for staff this year. She enjoys eating food, listening to music, watching Netflix, and sleeping. She plays club volleyball at WAVE and is on Varsity for MC.

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