Photo Courtesy of xtinacooke

Bubblegum slime recipe — no glue needed!

Photo Courtesy of xtinacooke

Want to play with smooth, glossy slime with the occasional hair? You’re in luck. Behold my special recipe for Bubblegum Slime™. Each one is different! This slime is unique in that it comes in a plethora of colors. You could have the whole rainbow!

You will need the following things: a scraper, and a public school.

The first step in slime hunting is to go to your local public school and locate the nearest classroom. This is where things get hands-on. Look under any desks or chairs to find our key ingredient: chewed up gum.

Once you have found these sticky globules, it’s time to bust out your scraper. Make sure none of the staff see you in case they confiscate your tool or, even worse, call you insane. Don’t worry about them! You’re just dedicated to the things you will do for entertainment.

Feel free to scrape as much gum as you desire. Not to fear, there will be more than enough for you to choose from. Don’t worry, gum left under desks seem to remain sticky and fresh forever! If you’re unsure, then just poke any mount that you see to ensure its stickiness.

After you have gathered all of your materials, place a piece of waxy parchment paper down so you don’t get the gum stuck to the table again. Now the rest is simple, just smack the gum globules together and knead until the consistency is the same all throughout. Make sure you really slam it together — maybe slap it a few times. That will scare the stiffness away from it.

Alternatively, you could add in some lotion to return some moisture back to the gum. Knead until you reach your desired consistency.

Bonus: you don’t need to add in a scent because it is already bubblegum flavored!

Feel free to film your Instagram ASMR with this slime recipe (with recipe credit please and thank you). This beautiful slime has the best sounds — ranging from “schlick” to “schlock” and the ever famous “thwok.”

I hope you enjoyed my recipe for my signature specialty. Happy sliming!

Written by Mimi Hoang

Mimi Hoang, senior at MC, has a passion for drawing and vague-posting.

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