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Cheezus shares his wisdom by granting us with an analogy for life through the godly food of pizza. We are all better prepared for life due to his profound insight on struggle and love.

Tears fill my eyes every time I read twitter 2this beautiful ode to a teenagers true love. The raw emotion exemplified in this work of art makes it the beautiful poem it is.

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Cindy Loohoo received the Nobel Prize for her riveting story on her journey to obtain breakfast. This relatable piece of literature is definitely a top ten read, and leaves the reader completely satisfied. By detailing every moment of her breakfast, this autobiography sets Loohoo up for the legacy she so rightfully deserves.

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Written by Nicole Glidden

Nicole Glidden is a proud Cheez-It addict, who spends her free time binge watching Netflix. She has trouble getting into jeans, due to her soccer calves. Nicole hates running with a passion, yet participates in multiple sports.

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