GolfKart Gang

Photo by Francesca Hodges
Photo by Francesca Hodges

After the students leave and the front gates are locked, the lights in the stadium turn on to illuminate the Super MC GolfKart Races.

Applicants for Campus Security at MC face a series of crucibles before they are admitted.

“We ensure that every member of Campus Security can complete a lap around the school in under a minute,” Head of Campus Safety, Kerin Elley said.

Driving slowly results in an automatic firing and public humiliation.

“Here at MC we have a need for speed,” captain of the GolfKart Gang, Dodger Renderson said. “All members of the Gang are exempt from speed limits and expected to floor it at all times.”

The Gang sees every school day as an opportunity to practice their racing techniques, such as running over obstacles.

“The other day when I was walking through the parking lot a golf cart almost hit me,” student Tordant Jolbert said. “I had to

Photo by Francesca Hodges
Photo by Francesca Hodges

jump out of the way to avoid the collision.”

Due to lack of funding from the school, members are required to supply themselves with the necessary items for racing.

“At the bottom of my acceptance letter to the Gang it said BYOGC (Bring Your Own Golf Cart),” newest member of the Gang, Sadie Kalo said. “I also had to buy my own bananas, turtle shells, and mushrooms.”

The GolfKart Gang’s next race is against the Poway Patrol and will take place on Sun Devil Way over spring break.

Written by Nicole Glidden

Nicole Glidden is a proud Cheez-It addict, who spends her free time binge watching Netflix. She has trouble getting into jeans, due to her soccer calves. Nicole hates running with a passion, yet participates in multiple sports.

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