Rivalry: Left Twix Vs Right Twix

There is a new rivalry spreading around the world like wildfire. Citizens  are abandoning normal, everyday life because of it. No more school, no more work, no more grocery shopping, no more watching TV: only Twix. Entire populations are heading to Twix factories to show what side they are on: Left Twix or Right Twix.

Left Twix vs Right Twix Battle | Photo courtesy of Recipe Marker

This polarizing issue is a very serious problem for the whole world, but especially for Cherry Lane High School. Two debate team members started the heated debate and have witnessed  numerous intense arguments over the past few weeks.

“I mean, we all have our opinion on which one’s better. The team I’m supposed to be the president of has split in half,” senior Alex Garcia said. “I obviously sided with the better side. Left Twix for the win!”

Other students oppose Garcia and choose the Right Twix. Junior Layla Vere was the vice president of the debate team; however, she has decided to take things into her own hands.

“I am the official president of the Right Twix is Better debate team. Alex was being unreasonable when he sided with Left Twix, so I decided to go my own way,” Vere said.

Garcia and Vere had not always seen eye to eye, according to other debate club members. So when the two  disagreed on the  pressing topic, they were not going to do things in a civilized manner.

“They started arguing really loudly in the debate room. Other people heard them and came in to see what was going on. Things escalated and eventually, Alex kicked Layla and anyone who likes Right Twix off of the team. After that, the news of their debate spread like crazy,” Deb Aate said. “What is the big deal with this rivalry anyway?”

Some differences between the Twix bars | Courtesy of Blotter

According to  The Twix Foundation, there is a major  difference between the two. Left Twix is enrobed in chocolate and drizzled with caramel while Right Twix is cloaked with chocolate and cascaded with caramel. It’s the difference between cream white and eggshell white. The company’s  website explains that Left Twix contains  less caramel and more chocolate while Right Twix features the vice-versa. Many studies have shown that this is a huge difference and can impact countless people.

Columbia University did several studies a day after the feud started showing evidence that the difference between these beloved Twix bars is astronomical. They took thirty children and conducted two studies on them. Study one involved the kids taking a quiz on what they like to eat and then taking a blindtaste test on the two bars. Columbia records the response as “monumental.”

“The kids that clicked ‘prefer caramel over chocolate’ on the quiz absolutely loved the Right Twix. The Left Twix however got thrown to the ground—literally,” study administrator Ama-Eta Twixon said. “The kids who clicked ‘prefer chocolate over caramel’ absolutely adored the Left Twix. The Right Twix got thrown in the trash right away.”

 The other study happened after study one and had the kids split into two groups. One group tried the Left Twix and the other tried the Right Twix. The kids did not know which bar they were trying. This study taps into sociology, as it shows just how much these chocolate bars can influence human behavior. Every child could tell which bar they were eating even though they were not told. Some kids were pleased with what was placed in front of them and others were absolutely disgusted. 

“The kids that hated the bar they had gotten made a huge fuss. They wanted the other bar and threw immense tantrums until getting it. They were screaming, ranting, and even throwing things,” Twixon said. “At first, we thought it was just because they were kids. We tried the same study on adults and got the same results. In fact, the adults actually had worse tantrums.”

This debate has impacted so many lives that it is beginning to become a global crisis. Garcia and Vere got invited to an upcoming global meeting with every country’s leader called the “Twix Global Crisis Meeting” (TGSM). The meeting is said to take place in Italy on Apr 1st and have high-end security. Guests are invite-only and exclusive, top-notch reporters. Garcia and Vere are the only high school students attending this event. They each get to share and debate their argument.

“It is such an honor to attend such a prestigious event and share my opinion with the world. It is a lot of pressure, but I think I can handle it and tear Garcia’s campaign down,” Vere said.

This rivalry has become the number one priority in multiple countries across the globe. America alone has divided itself into Leftists and Rightists. 

Trump and Biden arguing about the Twix bars | Photo courtesy of CNBC

Former president Donald Trump is for Leftist America and stated in a leaked video interview that Left Twix rain supreme.

“[The Right Twix people] are trying to rig this [meeting] because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” Trump said.

Current president Joe Biden talked about how Right Twix is the right choice in a news report.

“I am the [Rightist Party] right now. The platform is what I approved of,” Biden said.

Many other problems have uprooted themselves from this debate. Petitions are being signed and rallies are being held. The biggest rally happened in Cleveland, Tennessee where 100 million people were involved. Signs read “Lefties for the Resties” and “Right Makes Everyone Uptight.” That rally took place on the grounds of the Twix factory to try to get the workers to stop making Right Twix. Despite citizens’ efforts, it did not work.

Everyone is either with Garcia and Left Twix or Vere and Right Twix. The public is now waiting for the TGSM where all of the world’s leaders’ will voice their opinions on this pressing topic. Until then, tension builds between everyone.

Written by Sarah Strauss

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