Barbie Doll or Barbie Fail?

new barbiesFor a long time now, Mattel, a major toy manufacturer, has been providing girls around the world with Barbie dolls. Every three seconds, there is approximately one Barbie sold to a child. Barbie dolls, with their extremely slim waists and luxurious blonde hair, have since then been an idol for many young girls.

As these Barbie dolls have spread to every corner of the world, critics have accused the original Barbie doll of tainting their child’s idea of what a beautiful woman looks like. If a Barbie doll were to become a real life woman, her petite waist would be 18 inches in width and she would have a shoe size of three. These qualities of a Barbie are simply unrealistic. Now, more and more children are hoping to grow up to look like a perfect Barbie. Because of this misleading message, Mattel has decided to launch a new line of Babies that will attempt to fix this disputed issue.

Mattel recently announced the a new Barbie doll line, intended to encourage young girls to find their own version of beauty.

This new collection includes a variety of different ethnicities, more realistic proportions, different hair colors, heights and outfits. Mattel believes that the release of these new Barbies will expose girls to the different standards of beauty in the world. They hope to promote girls to grow up to be their own person.

Ever since this collection was announced, many thoughts, critics, and reviews were presented. The making of these new dolls have definitely raised many controversial ideas about the effect they  will have. So in reality, is this a good idea or not?

There are many coming-of age girls in the world that do indeed look up to the original Barbie dolls. I believe this is why more and more girls these days are yearning to wear  loads of makeup and the latest fashion trends. These new dolls on the other hand, do not present this false image to these girls, therefore I think these dolls will encourage fans to accept the fact that there is not just one perfect. There is not just one way to be being beautiful.

With that said, this new line of dolls is clearly one of the best ideas yet. I wish these Barbies had been around much sooner than now.  

Even though critiques will continue to roll in despite this improvement, it is undeniably one step closer in the right direction.

Many children and their eager parents are awaiting the release of these new Barbie dolls, and for good reason too. We are all waiting to see whether these dolls will succeed in doing what they promise to do: promote raw beauty.

Written by Cindy Truong

I am a freshman staff writer here for the MC SUN staff. I love writing and creating stories that I am proud of. When I am not writing, I can be found reading or running to clear my mind.

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