MC’s Got Talent Cancelled!

MC’s Got Talent Cancelled! This beloved event that has displayed the talent of many students at MC has come to an end. Due to lack of intended participation displayed in the audition sign ups, the audition committee and show organizers have decided to cancel the yearly talent show.

Finn Proctor, junior at MC, is on the choir council and took part in organizing the event.

“The show was cancelled because not enough people were signing up and we were not prepared for it to start,” Proctor said.

Funk band, Goose Pub at MC’s Got Talent 2016 | Photo courtesy of MC Sun

The choir department juggles many large scale productions throughout the school year and it is difficult to fit in extra events into the hectic schedule. The marginal benefit of hosting a show with less acts was not enough for the department to consider putting it on.

Many students enjoy the show and are disappointed in the cancellation but the committee plans on replacing the talent show with a new event for this year.

“We all felt bummed that we had to cancel it but I know that calling it off relieved a lot of stress for us,” Proctor said.

In order to still showcase artistic talent at MC, the choir department will be hosting an open mic night in the choir room Friday, April 19 and encourage participation from any students willing to display their talent.

“We will likely be hosting a talent show next year at MC but we might continue the pattern of having it every other year if not enough [students] choose to sign up. To prevent this, we need to advertise more to the school,” Proctor said.

Although students will not be able to attend the event this year, support for the event will help to make it happen in future years.

“Anyone can join choir” Proctor added as the prowess of this department continues to grow on the MC campus. Despite this year’s downturn, the arts community is determined to have a platform for students to showcase their talent and any support by the student body is gladly welcomed.

Written by Morgan Turpin

Morgan Turpin is a senior at MC who is a lead singer in one band, drum major in another, and guitarist for all of the above. In his limited amount of free time, he is a staff writer for the MC Sun.

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