Organs for Sale?

organ donationOrgan donation is a very well-known process in the medical universe. Because many patients suffer deadly sicknesses that cost them organs, organ transplants have been created to counter these deaths. From this process, organ donations have emerged.

Organ donation is the process of donating a patient’s organs when they pass away, for the purpose of using it as a transplant. While not many citizens are aware, these organ transplants are extremely needed. Every day approximately 22 patients die due to the shortage of available organs. The need is real. Many patients could be saved from death with just a simple transplant.

Some people claim that the one decision you make when obtaining a driver’s license could one day determine whether you live or die on the operating table. To be or  not to be an organ donor, that is the question. Knowing you could save a life in the future will bring you a sense of satisfaction. However, due to the  limited availability of organs, doctors might not be as willing to save your life in the future. So thus arises the big question. Since organ transplants are so hard to come by, do doctors try to save organ donors as much as the next patient?

Given the circumstances, some people think that doctors won’t put enough effort into trying to save an organ donor’s life, but that isn’t the case. A doctor makes many consequential decisions and actions when operating on a patient. In simpler words, they basically hold the life of a person in the folds of their hands. Doctors are honorable members of our community, who serve our citizens well. When they signed up for the job, they know  what is at stake. They know that their job is to save lives. So why would they do otherwise?

Organ donations and transplants are meant to save lives, and that alone is beautiful. But if a doctor were to let an innocent life go just to save another, then a life would be lost anyways. So there really is no benefit on either side. Due to this revelation,  there clearly is no reasonable reason in reach for a doctor to give up early on a donor’s life. Thus, it can not be proven that doctors don’t try nearly as hard with organ donor patients.

Whether citizens decide to become organ donors or not, it is purely their choice and is not in any way influenced by a doctor’s actions. However, every doctor is bound to be different. So I guess the standpoint in this argument really depends upon where you look.   

Written by Cindy Truong

I am a freshman staff writer here for the MC SUN staff. I love writing and creating stories that I am proud of. When I am not writing, I can be found reading or running to clear my mind.

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