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Thomas Jung

Thomas Jung is a member of the MC SUN. He is well-known for being awesomely Asian. Thomas’s favorite food is rice. He enjoys writing and doing various other activities. He also enjoys eating watermelon while watching anime. Thomas is objectively one of the greatest writers of all time next to Thomas Jefferson and Robert Jordan. Be sure to say hi if you ever see him!

Girls Water Polo Evaluates Goals with Gusto

While tests and dances come and go, the MC girls water polo team remains as strong as ever. Facing many fierce enemies, the team has done remarkably well, especially in the match against Rancho Bernardo, despite their eventual defeat. One of the major reasons for the team’s rather rocky start …

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Brenna Seines: Dancer, leader, student

  It is that time of the year again where seniors spend much of their time waiting eagerly and often times desperately for college acceptance letters. However those weeks of fear and trepidation cannot even compare to that moment one receives an acceptance letter from one’s dream school as one …

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New season brings new waves

With a new season comes new difficulties and struggles. However, the MC girls water polo team is more than ready to take on any challenge. Last Tuesday was the start of what is sure to be an awesome season. Despite a defeat, everyone on the team performed admirably against La …

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A Tribute to a teacher

Many teachers have a strong, positive influence on their students. However, rarely do teachers have the honor of knowing that they’ll be remembered years and years after their departure. Yet, rarest of all, is for a teacher to affect an entire community such that even after death, students continue to …

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The Liberian Purchase

In the wake of the Ebola Outbreak, Norway announced its plans to pay Liberia roughly $150 million dollars to stop deforestation by 2020. Liberia, a country with nearly 17,200 square miles of forests, is the first African country to agree to such a deal. While this news may please environmentalists …

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A biased world view

One thing that most people can agree on is that everyone has a bias. This bias differs from person to person and can affect them significantly by influencing their writing or actions. This inadvertently means that the media is biased. What do I mean by bias? In my humble opinion, …

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Halloween in April?

Students will be surprised to learn that there are people walking around in weird costumes in April no less. This new phenomenon is best explained by an anonymous staff insider who refuses to divulge his name. “We were approached by a few costume stores who were tired of only making …

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A push in the right direction

Following the vein of other AP tests, Collegeboard has announced that it will be changing the AP US History test for next year. Mindy Davis, an Apush teacher, explains the major changes. “It’s very different. The multiple choice has one less answer to choose from. DBQs (Document Based Questions) you …

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