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Girls Water Polo Evaluates Goals with Gusto

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer

While tests and dances come and go, the MC girls water polo team remains as strong as ever. Facing many fierce enemies, the team has done remarkably well, especially in the match against Rancho Bernardo, despite their eventual defeat.

One of the major reasons for the team’s rather rocky start can be attributed to its composition.

“Since we lost a lot of seniors the past year, we’ve been building up the team this year, and we’re doing a really good job,” Senior Megan Kolp said.

This year, Coach Galza has started new training programs and one of the recipients of the program is Kolp, the Goalie on the team. .

“We’ve been having a lot more intense practices,” Kolp said. “[after some basic warm-ups] we go in whatever he wants to work on that day. Some days we’ll be doing defense. Some days we’ll be doing offense. Other times it’ll just be specific drills he wants to work on.”

Coach Galza’s training is far more exhaustive than last year’s as Kolp recounts.

“The training this year is different than previous years because there are a lot more repetitions,” Kolp said. “But it’s worked. I feel especially our whole team, that we all improved so much this year.”

Kolp believes that the team has grown significantly over the past year and that the team still has plenty of room to improve.

“Something our coach has always talked about to us on improving on is communication,” Kolp said. “We need to collaborate as a team and work together because water polo is not about yourself. It’s a team sport where you have to communicate to succeed.”

Despite the many hurdles that the team has already encountered and are still yet to encounter, the team has rapidly been improving daily and have overcome their trials. Perhaps, as one optimistic Water Polo player speaks, the Water Polo team would be able to perform well at CIFs.

Their tenacity brings an old adage to mind: they have not yet been defeated, but rather, have yet to begin to fight!


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