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Following the vein of other AP tests, Collegeboard has announced that it will be changing the AP US History test for next year. Mindy Davis, an Apush teacher, explains the major changes.

“It’s very different. The multiple choice has one less answer to choose from. DBQs (Document Based Questions) you have to use almost all of the documents.”

Davis feels that the changes are very beneficial.

“It’s [the new test is] more accessible to students because it’s more diversified and the style of question being asked… People who don’t have that skill [multiple choice skills] can still be successful in the test.”

Besides just the changes to the test itself, the course has been modified with a less focus on the 19th century more on the 20th century to present.

“There’s an understanding that you will not have a FRQ (Free Response Question) past 1980’s. With an emphasis on now, I think that’s good,” Davis said.

In order to prepare for next year, Davis has changed the quizzes along the lines of the new AP guidelines. Junior Mathew Rozak is one of the many students taking the new quizzes. A new change in the test is the introduction of short answers besides just the FRQs and DBQs.

“I feel that the quizzes really demonstrate your understanding of the subject,” Rozak said. “The short answers are really going to helpful to be covering a variety of topics.”

 Sophomore Agnes Nguyen expresses her anticipation of taking APUSH next year.

“But I think I’m pretty excited now. I hear that there are a lot of good teachers and there’s more stuff to cover.”

  Davis encourages the incoming APUSH and remains expectant of the new school year.

 “It’ll be interesting. My advice for new incoming students is to be flexible, be patient.”

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