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Teen job market sparce

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Something that almost many people can agree upon is the feeling when you receive your first paycheck. The money was given to you in reward for the blood, sweat, and tears that you spilt working on the job. It is yours and no one can take it away. However, currently the job situation for teenagers looks extremely grim.

In 2000 the percentage of employed teenagers was around 45% however in 2011 this percentage dropped to almost 26%. The cause can be traced to the recession where many of the recently unemployed workers took the entry-level jobs that most teenagers were employed.

Most of these teenagers are high school graduates and are suffering because of the lack of jobs. Most employers prefer to hire older people and teenagers are unable to compete. They lack the credentials and the experience necessary to find work in the current market.

A common paradox in getting employed is that one of the job requirements is “previous job experience”. However, for most teenagers they don’t have a chance of getting a job because they don’t have previous job experience.

There is a simple way to fix all of this. First of all, there should be a new “teen wage”. It will be half the minimum wage and will only cover the entry-level jobs that teens usually work. “Teen wage” will only apply for young adults between the ages of 16 and 20 and will allow these young adults to get the needed experience to compete with adults on the job market.

Many of the jobs like waiters and department store clerks are jobs that should allow teenagers to work for lower pay. These jobs are the jobs that most teens tend to be employed in and offer the greatest amount of experience and allow them to get used to long hours. While many of the older employees may be laid off to make room for the incoming teenagers, it is a necessary evil to give teenagers badly needed experience.  They don’t have experience because they’re teenagers and they shouldn’t be expected to have experience.

The Job Market situation is easily fixable and really dumbfounding that there is actually a problem. The fact remains that one day the older workers will retire and the teenagers will eventually succeed them. Therefore, it is necessary for them to have experience and failure for anyone to recognize this is extremely troubling. Leaving the future workers of America unemployed and without the necessary experience to apply for better jobs is an inane reality and the best solution to solve this problem is to allow teenagers to work for lower pay in exchange for experience.

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