Harry Potter and the Sundevil Way: prepping for the winter rally

The Winter Pep Rally draws ever closer and ASB is working hard in order to make it amazing; they held an audition in order to find roles for the rally in line with the theme: Harry Potter.

Senior Julia Sauer is in charge of the audition and is looking for people who are willing to perform as the emcees.

“People can either audition for a character role. So they are the emcees. They can either audition for the role of Harry, Voldemort, Ron, Hermione, or Dumbledore.”

Besides just the theme, ASB has many new ideas to spice up the rally.

“Usually a pep rally has three performances, but we’re trying it out so we can have four this time”, Sauer said.

Senior Isaac Vongphakdy was one of the many students who watched the emcee performances.

“I think it’s gonna be good. because rather than just having ASB people auditioning and reading off the script, it’s gonna be actual drama students who are used to memorizing scripts and acting stuff out,” Vongphakdy said.

Besides the emcee roles, ASB has also been on the lookout for MC’s vibrant student groups to perform.

Senior Michael Tran is a member of Modern Identity, a dance troupe famed for its past performances in MC’s iconic rallies,  will perform. MI is working on new choreography that will be sure to impress the Sundevil Community.

“We’ve been working on the one that we performed [in the audition] for about three weeks or so. And we’ve been cleaning it up. We’re still working on our medley but for sure it’ll come out to be a really good quality piece,” Tran said.

“If I get into the actual pep rally, I would be honored to perform in front of the student body. and it’s just exciting to showcase what we got.”

Another group performing for the Potterrally are the cheerleaders. Senior Alexis Canedo is the cheerleading captain and is working hard to create a spectacular performance.

“We’ve been working on the choreography for a little over a month now. We’re super excited, we have a bunch of Harry Potter music in it and a few sneak peaks that we’re really excited for”

Bolstered by the thought of performing before the entire school, the cheerleaders have worked day and night to create one of their greatest masterpieces yet-to-date.

“People are in for a treat because this will be something that they’ve never seen us do before.”

Based off the sheer amount of time and effort poured into preparations, there is no doubt that the Pep Rally on January 12 will be an unforgettable experience.

Written by Thomas Jung

Thomas Jung is a member of the MC SUN. He is well-known for being awesomely Asian. Thomas’s favorite food is rice. He enjoys writing and doing various other activities. He also enjoys eating watermelon while watching anime. Thomas is objectively one of the greatest writers of all time next to Thomas Jefferson and Robert Jordan. Be sure to say hi if you ever see him!

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