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Basketball Season Pushes Players

The boys basketball season continued with a victory against Carlsbad on Dec. 17. Michael Keagan, a point guard on the team, was proud of their performance.

“[The game] went pretty well,” Keagan said. “We beat them by around 20 points; it was a lot of fun. We came out, we played well, we executed our skills, and it was a total win.”

Johnny Mallak, the team’s small forward position, shared a similar sentiment.

“We actually won by a very large amount,” Mallak said. “Everyone played well and there was some very good ball movement.”

Both boys played their best, but there’s always room for improvement.

“As far as my play goes I could probably limit turn overs and get more guys open shots,” Keagan said

The players hope to better their own performances while assisting their  team as well.

“I’m going to be pushing my teammates to get the best out of them, be a leader on the court, and make them play as well as they can,” Mallak said.

With their next game on Dec. 18, the players have to make the best of their limited practice time.

“We’ve had back to back games, so we just have to train hard,” Mallak said. “We do some scouting on the team we’re about to play so we can adjust our game to play with them.”

The rigorous game schedule proves to be quite a challenge for the participants.

“It makes classes a bit tougher; you don’t have as much time to get your work done or to study,” Mallak said.

Though they must struggle to balance their studies, social lives, and practicing, the rewards make it all worthwhile.

“The games that we play, the accomplishments we make as a team, hanging out together with the guys, it’s a really great experience,” Keagan said. “My favorite part of the sport is playing in front of the crowd. Like, when we play home games or an away game against Westview, the stadium is packed, everyone’s there, it’s a lot of fun.”

They’ve been through a lot and have many challenges ahead of them, but Mallak retains a hopeful outlook.

“I just want to have a great season with my friends, get as far as we can, hopefully as far as CIF, and make a name for our school,” Mallak said.

To Keagan, the obstacles faced have only created a determination to win.

“Personally, I’d like our team to win league,” said Keagan. “It’s within reach; it’s definitely a possibility if we work hard.”

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