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Halloween in April?

Photographer || Zac Solomon

Students will be surprised to learn that there are people walking around in weird costumes in April no less. This new phenomenon is best explained by an anonymous staff insider who refuses to divulge his name.

“We were approached by a few costume stores who were tired of only making money once a year. In exchange for some ‘donations’, we have instituted a yearlong “Halloween”.”

Students have also begun to notice the new phenomenon as well. Sophomore Daniel Hazelnut first learned about the event a week ago.

“One day I was just minding my own business when I saw a girl dressed up as a cowgirl. And then I saw a girl who said that she was a tourist. It was a surreal experience” Hazelnut said.

Many students participate in the new Halloween willingly. Junior Bill Williams participates alongside his club, the I heart Dogs club.

“We have a signup sheet and every club picks one month to dress up. It’s really fun. My friends and I are dressing up as Dalmatians.”

Others however disagree with the new Halloween. The president of the Cosplay Club, Senior Robert Roberts, explains his irrational dislike of “Halloween”.

“The Cosplay Club is an authentic club that specializes in appreciating the art of costume-making and costume-wearing. The fact that people would wear costumes just to wear them is both sad and demeaning to the art of ‘costume-wearing’.”

Alex Dave, an English teacher and club advisor of the Halloween Appreciation Club, dislikes the new “Halloween” as well.

“In the 52 years that I’ve been alive I’ve been to 53 Halloweens. Dressing up is a tradition and a very old one at that. To simply let people dress up whenever they want and whoever they want to be is the stupidest idea I’ve heard in a long time.”

Spirit Week is also a fabrication by the school for the sole purpose of advertising “Halloween”. ASB member Eric Star explains this.

“You would think that people would realize that the Blacklight Dance was just a way to let more people into the secret but I guess that this school is way too oblivious.”

Even after the end of the dance, the dressing up continues.

“The signup sheet is currently being passed around the entire school but it’s expected to be in the Journalism room for a few weeks. So hop down there if you want to join in on the fun.”

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