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Brenna Seines: Dancer, leader, student


Joe Gonzalez |Photographer
Joe Gonzalez |Photographer

It is that time of the year again where seniors spend much of their time waiting eagerly and often times desperately for college acceptance letters. However those weeks of fear and trepidation cannot even compare to that moment one receives an acceptance letter from one’s dream school as one student in particular is all too aware of.

Senior Brenna Seines is one out of approximately 1000 students this year to be accepted to Parsons, the New School for Design, a prestigious art and design school in New York City. She plans on studying Strategic  Design and Management.

“The first year is basically taking art and business classes,” Seines said.  “From there it turns more into a business program. I’ll end up with a BBA, Bachelors of Business Administration.”

Parsons is well-renowned throughout the country as the number one fashion school in the U.S. as well as the number two fashion school in the entire world, behind only Central Saint Martins.

“Companies want to hire students from Parsons and have those students intern with them.”

Seines has ambitious dreams  which she hopes going to Parsons would be able to fulfill.

“I’d like to have my own magazine or work for a magazine.”

As with many other seniors, Seines believes that her extracurricular activities heavily influenced her acceptance.

“All the things I’ve done, my work experience, my training as a dancer, and being treasurer for a couple clubs [contributed to my acceptance].”

Naturally, Seines feels that dancing is perhaps the most important activity in her life, influencing not just her college acceptance, but also her life as a whole.

“I’ve danced for much of my life and I think that’s led to my work ethic and some of my attributes,” she said.

Encouraging everyone with her  friendly  personality and her stunning dance skills, Seines is sure to be successful at Parsons and wherever she goes.

“If you think you can’t get in [to college],  it’s better to try because you never know,” Seines said. “I would just say go all in and take a risk.”



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