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A Tribute to a teacher

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Many teachers have a strong, positive influence on their students. However, rarely do teachers have the honor of knowing that they’ll be remembered years and years after their departure. Yet, rarest of all, is for a teacher to affect an entire community such that even after death, students continue to be inspired by his or her teachings.

In Nov. 1, Scott Chodorow passed away. A MC teacher from 1995 to 2005, Chodorow continues to be remembered and loved by his fellow faculty members who have worked alongside him.

AP Art History teacher Allison Talle was extremely close with Mr. Chodorow.

“We were hired the same year together,” Talle said. “We knew each other and hung together the whole time, the 10 years that he was here.”

As a teacher, Chodorow did his best to help the students not only in the woodshop but in their own personal lives.

“He was always very upbeat and always very positive.” Talle said. “Nothing seemed to bother him. He always helped students if they needed help with schoolwork, but also with issues and things in their lives. He was always willing to help students.”

Not just known for his excellent teaching, Chodorow was also renowned for his school pride.

“He was the spirit of Mount Carmel.” Talle said. “For every Halloween, he would dress and make his own costumes. And everyone would dress up.”

Talle remembers a particular memorable story of Chodorow.

“Scott Chodorow got him [the Drama teacher] to do a faculty play. So, the faculty put on a play like the drama kids do. He got people spirited. You wanted to get involved if you were with Scott.”

Despite all his other talents, Chodorow was perhaps best known for his sense of humor, as Talle recalls.

“One time I sent someone over to get a podium from him,” she said. “And this student was gone for a long time. And so my door flies open. I see him [the student] and he’s pretending to pull something heavy. And, I think finally the podium.”

So Mr. C had decided like ‘Mrs. T needs a podium I’ll make her one’. So he made me like a five-inch tall podium. So that’s the kind of guy he was to bring laughter and lightheartedness into the world.”

Even though “Mr. C” has departed from this world, he still remains a bright and warm light for all who remember him.

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