American expectation of luxury

American culture has always been obsessed with the top tier of material goods. We romanticize  the luxury products we can’t afford, like Ferrari supercars, Rolex watches, and beachfront mansions. We also put people who can affluently live this lifestyle with ease up on a pedestal, like rappers, athletes, and movie stars. However, this leaves an unreal expectation of taste in the average person for things that they cannot afford. One product which the elite have a taste for that is unreasonable to the common man are Tide Pods. The chosen snack for the elite, they are horribly overpriced for those wanting to take part in the newest fad, and few other options are presented as being worthy of taking part in the culture.

Tide Pods currently reign supreme, achieving maximum burning sensation in the mouth, a quick disintegration of the stomach lining, and a rapid immune system response. It cannot be ignored however, that B-list products like Gain Flings can achieve just the same results as their more well known counterparts.

Flings present a way for your average American to fit in with their peers, and can even come in extra large value packs so the whole family can enjoy. An online review by “washermom” tells all you need to know about the product.

“My kids are easily able to enjoy this product, even when I’m not home! The bag opens for easy access and the pods are small enough where you can just grab a handful at once!”

Even if you consider pods a luxury item that you have no access to at all, there are still options for you that will keep you in with the trends. You can easily buy regular detergent, and grab your favorite shot glass to enjoy the cleaning goodness. Or just suck on your favorite bar of soap.

Yes, America still has its problems, but everybody should be able to find ways to indulge in the greatest of American traditions.

Written by Kyle Daly

Senior and the Sun's Sports Editor, Kyle Daly is active on campus as Captain of the Water Polo team and Sundevil Ambassador.

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