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Fact over fiction

According to NASA, on Feb. 13, the combined Arctic and Antarctic sea ice numbers were at their lowest point since satellites began to continuously measure sea ice in 1979. Total polar sea ice covered 6.26 million square miles (16.21 million square kilometers), which is 790,000 square miles (2 million square kilometers) less than the average global minimum extent for 1981-2010 – the equivalent of having lost a chunk of sea ice larger than Mexico. This is proven by the influx of carbon dioxide emissions, greatly influenced by natural causes, moreso human actions. As more people begin to acknowledge and address the reality of global warming, politics and mass media create controversy on whether the cause of the issue

Effects of Global Warming cause animals to become isolated on melting polar ice caps | Photo Courtesy of Centrosolar America

is even due to humans, or if the issue even exists. With mounds of scientific evidence proving the increase of CO2 around the world, whether global warming exists or not shouldn’t be up for question.

While campaigning during the 2016 Presidential Election, President Donald Trump made presumptuous claims about global warming as a complete hoax by the Chinese. As President, Trump maintains a role that can influence  the opinions of the public. The consequences of his statement are extremely detrimental to the progression of America.

America has proven itself to be worthy of its role as world leader following World War I and World War II and as a result, its influence spreads globally. Many countries model their cities and communities after American cities. America has also been idolized in some Third World Countries because of its rise to independence. The point is we are a model country and if America were to go “green” by using more energy-efficient resources and sustainable energy sources, a majority of the world would follow in its footsteps, just as they did with the fight for independence.

Furthermore, America has an incredibly high consuming middle class that is only increasing in size. Within this class lies a multitude of high energy users and heavy gas users. Production of products also plays a factor in the growth of carbon dioxide emissions. If production for energy efficient products and a green lifestyle is instilled into the market, then the world would head in the right direction towards preventing global warming in the future.

Overhead shot of waste produced primarily from high consuming individuals | Photo Courtesy of VideoBlocks

Politics hold an important role in doing moving the country in a green direction , although at this point in time, they have only negatively contributed by suggesting that global warming can be opinionated. This is dangerous because people were already skeptical about global warming, mainly because the effects of the issue do not directly affect them. The message politicians and people in the public eye need to send is one of urgency. One that clearly states global warming is a worldwide epidemic that is harmful to Earth and that a solution needs to be taken up immediately.

A green world is going to be crucial if humans wish to stay on this planet and the faster we get there, the circumstances of living for future generations is only going to be better.

Written by Jana Ariss

Jana is a Senior at MC and the Co-Editor in Chief of The MC Sun.

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