A Love Letter to UC Schools

Created in 1868 with the signing of the Organic Act, the UC (University of California) system has become the pinnacle of California students’ college application process. Its main purpose was to serve California residents as an impressive and inclusive university system at a lower cost than private universities. Having over 210,800 students apply in Fall 2021, many MC seniors were disappointed when they opened their emails to find rejections. 


MC senior Vale Dictorian is one such student who received sad news this past March. She had been working since kindergarten on her impressive cumulative GPA.  At a 5.0, many students and staff alike were surprised when Dictorian revealed she had not been admitted, or even waitlisted, for the upcoming fall semester. 

“I have no idea who could have even beaten me for a spot at any of the UC schools. I even got rejected from Merced. I guess I will just have to take the full ride offer I received from Yale,” Dictorian said. 

The UC system revealed that they only actually admitted one California resident from their Fall 2021 applicant pool. A resident of San Francisco, Steven Jobson, boasted on his application about his many years of background in the technology industry. Having started with an internship at age three, Jobson is locally known for his idea of creating an apple that can play music. 

“I’m super excited to be attending UC Riverside this fall, but sad that no other California residents will be joining me. Hopefully some people will be able to transfer in,” Jobson said. 

UC Berkeley Admission Statistics | Ivy League Consulting

The UC campuses will be filled with out of state students this fall. Most accepted students are from Wyoming with an average GPA of 3.5. Half of all students in Wyoming were accepted into various UC schools, and most will attend UC Berkeley or UC Los Angeles. 

“I am super excited to announce that I will be attending UC Berkeley and majoring in Management, Entreupenurship, and Technology this fall. I know that many California students didn’t get in, but maybe they should have just studied as hard as I did,” Wyoming resident Jack Donkey said. 

Leaving many California students worried as to where they will end up this fall, the UC system offered no sympathy in their press release. 

“We are so excited to be able to offer admission to over 100,000 students for the upcoming, Fall 2022 semester. From the application pool, we accepted only the best and brightest students who have potential to be great world leaders and CEOs,” the UC press release stated. 

Written by Kate Heald

Hey, thanks for checking out my article! I am the Features section editor and run the Instagram account for The MC Sun (@themcsun). I am a senior at MC, and am so excited to be studying Journalism in the fall at a four-year college!

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