BTS Worldwide Screening of “Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul” Ranks In More than $32.6 million

In the current day and age of technology, people can do virtually anything from updates on the daily news to learning from a distance. Speaking of doing things from a distance, the South-Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English, held a worldwide theater viewing for their last concert in Seoul. 

During the concert, the group performed their hit songs “IDOL,” “DNA,” “Fire,” and many more. 

Although the group is from South Korea, they have a few hits that are all in English including “Butter,” “Dynamite,” and their most recent single “Permission to Dance.”

BTS Dancing On Stage | Courtesy of Variety

With the concert being virtual, people all over the world could enjoy BTS’ live performance, regardless of being in Seoul or not. The screening allowed fans to enjoy the concert while immersed in an environment surrounded by others, creating a concert-like atmosphere. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in South Korea, fans were not allowed to cheer or sing along to the songs. In replacement, BTS provided clappers for the fans attending the Seoul concert. The boys were lenient with their fans screaming and cheering. Rather than being very strict about the no-cheering rule, the group just let it slide.

In the theaters, many people were screaming and singing along. Some even brought a lightstick called an “ARMY Bomb,” named after the group’s fanbase “ARMY.”

BTS Performing During Seoul Concert | Courtesy of Rolling Stone

Almost all participating locations in North America sold out on the first day that tickets went on sale. Across 800 North American theaters, BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul” raked in about $6.9 billion, allowing the screening to become the top-grossing live cinema event to date. In addition to this, the live showing beat director Matt Reeves’ recently released The Batman in 55 North American theaters.

Worldwide, the group’s event gathered over $32.6 million across 75 markets, beating some Hollywood movies on their opening weekends of showing. 

With BTS’ success in theaters, music fans around the world can only hope for more worldwide showings in order to experience something similar to a concert, without having to travel or break the bank.

Written by Lorelle Mauricio

Lorelle Mauricio is a sophomore at Mt. Carmel High school. They mostly cover science and entertainment topics, as those are their interests.

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