Joe Gonzalez| Photographer

MC student makes “The Great Gatsby” discovery 90 years after publication


MC is being internationally recognized for one student’s actions. Junior Jordan Tolbert has been in the public eye ever since she made a shocking discovery.

Joe Gonzalez| Photographer
Joe Gonzalez| Photographer

“I was working on some English homework, and I realized that the phrase “old sport” is used in the novel The Great Gatsby,” Tolbert said.

Even though  the novel was published in 1925, Tolbert is the first to recognize the connection between the novel and the now common phrase.

“I had always heard the term being thrown around, but never did I suspect it had an origin,” Tolbert said.

The International English Department, which specializes in the literature taught in English classes around the world, was flabbergasted at this revelation.

“I have been a part of this department for 47 years, and read this novel countless times, and never did I recognize the phrase ‘old sport’”, Joshua Hardy, the chairman of the department said.

Following a large investigation into the well known novel, it was discovered that the phrase “old sport” is said over 50 times.

“This is an amazing discovery, and we never would have realized this without the help of Miss Tolbert,” Hardy said.

For her work in  helping the International English Department, Tolbert is being awarded the English scholar award for uncovering the term’s origin. In March there will be a ceremony held in Washington D.C  where the President of the United States will  grant Tolbert the award.

“It is all really exciting,” Tolbert said. “I was just doing my English homework, and now I am being nationally recognized.”

In addition to the ceremony, every copy of The Great Gatsby that will be printed in the future will have a recognition for Tolbert in the front.

“What this girl discovered is amazing, and will forever help English students in the future,” Hardy said.

Tolbert hopes to continue her work in high school, and not  let all this press get to her head.

“I want to still be a normal student, while inspiring others,” Tolbert said.


Written by Morgan Lanyon

Morgan is a senior at Mt. Carmel High School. She is kept constantly busy with varsity field hockey, Hebrew school, swim team, and being the co-Editor in Chief of the MC Sun. She has a problem with watching too much TV, and eating an excessive amount of snacks. She knows the lyrics to practically every Billy Joel song, and doesn't care who knows. She also knows about most celebrities, and can answer your questions almost as fast as the internet.

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