MC’s Great Kindness Week

From Monday, Jan. 22, to Friday, Jan. 26, MC participated in the Great Kindness Week, a part of the Great Kindness Challenge program. Posters and announcements around MC reminded students to be extra kind throughout the week.

MC Students show off their positive
qualities | Photo courtesy of Devon

On Monday, the focus was “Be kind to your friends.” Friends were encouraged to create a new secret handshake or to just say something kind to each other.

“My friends and I had a lot of fun making handshakes,” freshman Olivia Wu said. “It was a good reminder to remember to  appreciate your friends.”

Tuesday’s focus was “Be kind to your school.” Students were reminded to pick up trash around the MC campus. At lunch, students were invited to participate in a trash-cleanup activity.

“It’s really important to respect the campus. Being kind to our school helps us focus on our learning,” sophomore Tessa Tricarico said.

On Wednesday, the focus was “Be kind to your teachers.” Students said thank you to teachers for all that they do for the students.

“Our teachers are kind to us all the time. We should be kinder to them more often,” Wu said. “It felt good to thank my teachers for what they do for me.”

Thursday’s focus was “Be kind to yourself.” Students were reminded to appreciate themselves for who they are and to give themselves an occasional treat for all the hard work students do.

Sundevils sign the Kindness Poster | Photo
courtesy of Devon Romero

“When I’m stressed, I need to help myself to something special. It’s the only way that I can always do my best,” Tricarico said. “It’s fun to treat yourself.”

On Friday, the focus was “Be kind to a stranger.” A poster was out by the MC for students to sign as a pledge to be kind.

“Kindness week was really a good reminder to be kind to everyone around you. Throughout the week, I was more mindful of what I was doing to be kind,” Wu said. “Kindness makes you and other people feel good.”

Although Great Kindness week is over, kindness is always important. MC students have shown and always will show kindness toward others.

Written by Anna Ensberg

Anna is a freshman and a Staff Writer for the MC Sun. Her hobbies include dancing ballet, reading, eating, and sleeping. She would like to thank her friends and family for being supportive.

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